About Us

in brief

Emec Group Ltd. is a private company founded in Plovdiv in 2006. The company specializes in producing plastic packaging.


Emec Group Ltd. can solve complex requirements related to design, construction tools and high-quality products.


High level of expertise and professionalism in the management of the company in conjunction with a team of highly qualified professionals guarantee the successful implementation of the marketing strategy.


Emec Group Ltd. has a gun and blast vending machines, pad printing and hot stamping, technologically equipped tool shop and provide binary manufacture and repair of instruments.


Izpolvzvani materials – PET, PETG, PVC, PEHD, PELD, PP, PS.

Emec Group Ltd. manufactures tools and packages for its customers, helping them achieve and enforce their own brand.


The company has a machine to blow preforms.


Emec Group Ltd. manufactures molds for blast and injection molding machines.


Emec Group Ltd. offers a wide range of vials and caps for perfumery, cosmetics, household chemistry and industrial chemistry, developed and manufactured as models for companies – clients of Emec Group Ltd., as well as free sale.

Caps and seals

Emec Group Ltd. offers a variety of caps and seals for containers manufactured in the company.

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